Is Advocare Healthy?


My wife and I have used Advocare products for the past 4.5 years and could not imagine life without them.  From a college athlete to sitting at a desk day in and day out took a huge toll on my health.  Coffee and energy drinks were all we new to use for the energy we needed to get through our work days and try and keep up with our then 1 child.   We were both over weight, tired, and run down.  We jumped on The 24 Day Challenge and it changed everything for us.  It taught us how to start first with the food we eat, and use proper supplementation to fill in our nutrition gaps. We had new found energy to begin working out with amazing results. Spark has replaced our coffee habit and we will never go back!

4 years and 2 more kids later, we have amazing energy to keep up with all 3!  My wife used Advcare products during the second and third pregnancies and while breastfeeding.  We have amazingly healthy happy children who love Advocare products.  Our kids cannot get enough of the Spark, Rehydrate, Meal Replacement Shakes, Purple Champs, Citrizinc, and all of the great tasting bars. 

At 40 years old, I am stronger and more active than when I played College Baseball!  CrossFit has been my new sport of choice and with Advocare I recover faster and can do more than most 25 year old’s! 

If you have an Advocare product story, we would love to hear from you!  Please comment with how Advocare has changed your life! 

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