100 AdvoCare Recipes

100 Advocare Recipes REBLOG from Jenny Collier It’s official!  It’s swimsuit season.  Are you ready? Even when not on a cleanse or 24 day challenge we like to follow the same food requirements that Advocare promotes.  I am always on the lookout for a new and delicious recipe to mix things up.  So, today, I […]

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AdvoCare delivers RESULTS!

AdvoCare delivers RESULTS!


Exactly 3 weeks ago I made a commitment to walk out in that word. My body was just one part of that. I committed to eating right, drinking a gallon of water a day, continuing my proper advocare supplementation and adding in disciplined workouts daily.

I wanted to share my results because I wanted to give someone out there hope. It’s not easy for me to share this, but I know I’m suppose to.

This body is the only one I’ll ever have. This body is 5’10” and weighs 157 pounds. This body is nearly 37 years old. This body has birthed 3 children naturally, the last one only 17 months ago.  This body has weighed far less in my adult life, but this body has never felt better! This current body is actually 3 pounds heavier then the before body. This body is no where close to where I want it to be, but this body is on its way! 3 weeks in baby, and I’m never going back!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step! You can do it! Be blessed!

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Is Advocare Healthy?

My wife and I have used Advocare products for the past 4.5 years and could not imagine life without them.  From a college athlete to sitting at a desk day in and day out took a huge toll on my health.  Coffee and energy drinks were all we new to use for the energy we […]

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Curtis Wright Spark has been awesome for me. I used to drink about five 32oz. cokes a day. Now just one Spark in the morrning lasts me untill 11:00pm. I do sometimes have two in a day. I have also lost 41lbs. all since Jan. 15th of this year..Advocare is great……http://ping.fm/7GP2I

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There is NOWHERE else you can get a 24 hour nutrition coach, an easy to follow daily check chart, grocery list, breakfast, an ongoing 20% or more discount, and all the right world class supplements for nutritional support, fast weight loss, and effectively retraining your body for no yo yo’s! http://www.242fitnow.com

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Congratulations to Brandon. . . down 14 pounds on Day 9 of the 24 Day Challenge and feeling better then he has in years. More energy, clear focus, and better attitude! Way to go!! “The weight loss is great, but I am more excited about how better I feel and more energy I have.” – […]

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