Dont GIve Up On Your Dreams! Quit Trying To Please Everyone!

Great Sentiment from friend Jason Miller:

“Quit trying to please everyone! You have a responsibility to your children…everyone else is secondary.

I’ll say it again. Everyone else is secondary…

Naysayers will come at you in all forms: neighbors, friends, for some even family at times. We would not even be earning monthly gas money if it required their involvement. Perfectly okay…it’s not for everybody.

I see more people give up on their dreams because so and so won’t join, believe in or support them.

Do you want to know who supports you? Your children. Your future children with no voice…your grandchildren…your future grandchildren with no voice.

The fact is naysayers didn’t stop us from retiring in 9 months. It didn’t stop us from helping dozens of others over the last 3 years do the same. It didn’t impede us in any way shape or form from forging a multi multi million dollar business out of our home and homes like ours.

It doesn’t stop me from walking my girls to and from the bus stop every day of the week, from having breakfast with my family every day. It doesn’t stop me from having 100 hours more per week with them than I did for the six years prior to AdvoCare.

Naysayers will not pay for their college tuition, pay off debts that normally would take years or even decades, and allow them to be free to choose their path in life without financial worry.

Naysayers don’t exactly have my envy…but they do have my support in living a better life because I do care about the future of this nation.

With an obesity epidemic running rampant like never before and 3 out of 4 American families living paycheck to paycheck just how right could anyone be?

The simple truth is that we have a better way to help people live a healthier, a less stressful and a much more free life!”

#freedom #lifeonourterms #advocare #onefamilyatatime

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